Former Girls' Generation member Jessica Jung updated her Weibo (Chinese social site) account over the weekend and revealed what she's been up to the past few weeks. Besides working on her fashion brand Blanc & Eclare, Jessica was on stage performing a duet with American rapper Ja Rule in Macau!

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Now, some of you may have been too young during Ja Rule's most relevant days; but at one point he was super famous and topping all the charts. He did a two-year prison stint, and now he somehow ended up doing a duet with Jess supposedly before a boxing match. Jessica posted a photo taken of them during their performance, and afterwards in a bar area holding a glass of what looks like liquid deliciousness.

( All Photo Credit: Jessica's Official Weibo)

While Jessica is obviously busy being a fabulous person, here's a fun fact: She and Ja Rule performed at the Venetian Hotel in Macau, which for all you Boys Over Flowers fans, is the same hotel where Gu Jun Pyo pretty much ripped Jan Di's heart out and threw it in the water below that bridge they were standing on.

Interesting musical pairing, isn't it?!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE