Two years after leaving Girls' Generation, Jessica Jung returns as a beauty show host! Her KBS series show Beauty Bible premiered on Apr. 2, 2016. On the show, Jessica introduced herself as a girl who's meticulous about three things: fashion, food and beauty items. "I am convinced that I will deliver real-life tips," Jessica said.

Jessica also shared that she mixes and matches high-end and road-shop beauty products. The two Beauty Bible hosts, Jessica and Rainbow's Kim Jae Kyung, and makeup artist Ko Woo Ri talked about beauty news and different makeup looks. After the first episode aired, fans acclaimed Jessica's knowledge on skincare and beauty products.

We admire Jessica's courage to return to TV as a beauty host after being a Girls' Generation member for seven years. We are excited for her next steps!

What do you think of Jessica as a beauty mentor? Tell us in the comments below!


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