Jessica, former member of Girls' Generation, attended a fan signing at the Lotte Department store on December 22 as a promotion for her fashion company BLANC & ECLARE. Although most reports state that Jessica spent a meaningful time with her fans and was so touched by the support she received at the event that she cried while thanking those who attended, unfortunately some reporters did not have a good time and left the event frustrated and angry.

One reporter even went as far as to release a lengthy article bashing the organization of the event as well as Jessica's personal life. The Sports Donga reporter writes that Jessica herself was late to the event and the event started late as well. In addition, the reporter alleges that the press was told they would not be allowed to take pictures once the fan signing was underway and was only given a 10-second time period to take photos before the signing.

This apparently left some of the press angry, and they thus "boycotted" in their own way by not releasing photos from the event.

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This response by reporters, however, ends up hurting Jessica's fans around the world more than it affects Jessica herself. 

Netizens everywhere are responding to these perturbed reporters with disappointment and anger — not towards Jessica, but towards the reporters. In response to the article mentioned above, several netizens wrote, "Are you trying to show off what happens when celebrities piss off reporters? Are you so desperate to show off the power you have?", "Why is it that everyone else is saying the fan signing went well, and you reporters seem to be the only ones with the problem?", and "I heard because of the reporters throwing a fuss, the fan signing time got shortened. Don't you think this is far from the ideal act of an reporter. You should be embarrassed."

The netizens have a point. Jessica's event for her new company was first and foremost for the fans who attended, not the reporters.

What do you think of the reporters' reactions? Do you think the reporters should have the power to "boycott" certain events by not releasing photos for fans, or is this unfair to both the idols and their fans?