On today's episode of TVN's talk show Taxi, Ji Chang Wook and Yoona opened up about their new friendship. The K2 stars met each other for the first time on the set of their current action series, but they had no problem getting comfortable in each other's company during the filming process. All it took was a phone call and a coffee outing. 

"This drama is the first time I've met her. When we were filming in Spain, we talked to each other a lot.There was a reason we couldn't help but get close. We had to film an emotional scene in Spain. If we didn't get friendly, we would've been uncomfortable." 

He added, "The director told us to warm up to each other quickly, so I asked for her number at the airport. We drank coffee at a cafe in front of the hotel and talked. Then we just naturally got friendly." 

Yoona's family already adores her new actor friend. They couldn't help but compliment the 29 year-old star. "Recently at Chuseok, I met up with my family. My aunts said he was very nice and liked us together."

The first two episodes definitely kept me on the edge of my seat! It seemed like the leading actors' lives were constantly in peril, and it was shocking to see danger lurking around every corner. Every Friday and Saturday promises to be a thrilling adventure! Don't miss one minute of The K2 on DramaFever!

Are you looking forward to the development of the main stars' relationship in the series? 

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