On a recent episode of tvN’s “Taxi,” actor Ji Chang Wook and actress/idol YoonA appeared as guests to promote their new drama The K2! However, the show took a real personal turn when Ji Chang Wook and YoonA both opened up about their personal lives! From a story about his sick mother to YoonA's struggles within the industry, these stories are sure to move you and make you love the two stars even more! What to know the details? Read on to find out!

In a candid conversation, Ji Chang Wook opened up about his family's financial situation while growing up,

“My family’s situation was such that we couldn’t generously provide for ourselves. I had no abilities or money. My mom worked hard in a restaurant and was also sick.”

Clearly moved, MC Lee Young Ja then went onto ask what was the most satisfying gift that he had given to his mother.

To this, Ji Chang Wook honestly answered, “My mom loves cash the most. I was the most satisfied with myself when I paid back the debt that our family owed with my own earned cash. It had meaning.”

Hearing Ji Chang Wook's story really helps us see him as someone who not only loves his family but also takes care of those he loves!

Also opening up about hardships in their past, YoonA went onto reveal that her path in the entertainment industry had not been an easy one. She clarified that she had to audition 200 times before she was able to debut! How did she get through all those rejections? She simply and honestly answered that the experience had caused her to grow a thick skin. 

We can only applaud YoonA's perseverance in the pursuit of her craft!~ 

Both Ji Chang Wook and YoonA have worked hard and overcame obstacles to get to this point in their careers...and these hardships seem to only make them shine even brighter! 

Did their stories surprise you? 

Make sure to catch them in The K2, every Friday and Saturday! 

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