An upcoming tvN drama, K2 (tentative title), by Yong Pal writer Jang Hyuk Rin has locked in Ji Chang Wook as the lead. With this new drama, Wook is reportedly the highest paid actor the TV channel has ever paid for. Yoona is contemplating taking on the role of the lead female character, after turning down the first offer about a week prior.

K2’s plotline centers around a bodyguard and a woman who both experience betrayal and are out for revenge. The woman, Anna Ko, is described as a solitary character who has a fear of people and suffers with panic when exposed to flashing lights. She is the hidden offspring of a presidential candidate and former celebrity. The bodyguard will use her to avenge against the people who were unfaithful to him.

Ji Chang Wook will play a hired mercenary name Kim Jae Ha, and, if accepted, Yoona would be playing the daughter, Anna Ko. The drama would be a return to the small screen for both Wook and Yoona: his last drama was Healer (2014) and her last drama was The Prime Minister and I (2013).

K2’s first script reading has already been completed and on-location filming is following in Spain. It is expected to air in September after “The Good Wife” concludes its run.

If Yoona does take the role, what do you think about the possible chemistry between her and Ji Chang Wook?

Cover photo credit: SM/ Star 1

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