Ji Chang Wook's follow-up drama to The K2 may come sooner than you think.

The sexy actor's agency Glorious Entertainment recently released a statement that Ji is considering a role in the upcoming K-drama The Happiest Time of My Life. Glorious Ent statement was in response to production company Imagine Asia mentioning that the 29 year-old actor took the role. Imagine Asia was so excited about the possibility of him joining their project; they got a little ahead of themselves. 

“Ji Chang Wook will play the leading man in screenwriter Choi Ho Cheol’s next project, The Happiest Time of My Life. We plan to start filming in March with Will Entertainment, and the drama will be 100 percent pre-produced. Only the filming schedule and leading male role have been set. The broadcasting schedule and other details are still being negotiated," they said prematurely.

This new series ends screenwriter Choi Ho Cheol’s two year hiatus from the industry. Choi is well-known for creating addictive shows like Mask and Secret Love, so fans would be in for a treat if he chooses to go with this production. 

Even though we are still reeling from The K2's Je Ha, it would be spendid to see him every week in a another K-drama before he enlists in the military.

Do you want Ji Chang Wook to take this new role? 

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