We have seen Ji Chang Wook in action in dramas like Healer and The K2, and soon, audiences in South Korea can watch him in action on the big screen with his first new film Fabricated City. Realistically, he may see true action this year.

Since 2015, the actor has said he was expecting to enlist in the military in 2016. But the year has come and gone, and, fortunately for fans, he is still an ordinary citizen entertaining people with action-packed projects. While he hasn’t enlisted yet, he genuinely believes the conscription will happen within this year as the star has shared his plans before the impending day.

At the Fabricated City press conference, he was asked if his very first film was going to be his last film before his mandatory military service. Ji responded: “I’m thinking about doing one more, since I haven’t received a draft notice or an enlistment date yet. Time-wise, a drama will be more adequate than a film.”

Before he takes on one more project, Ji can be seen in the new movie, opening in South Korea on February 9, as Kwon Yoo, a man who delves into a fabricated case after he is framed for murder and sent to prison. The actor is currently busy promoting the film through many interviews and magazine photoshoots, so enjoy his activities while you can!

What would you like to see him film before he enlists: a drama or movie? Share with us in the comments!

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