Ji Chang Wook is officially a soldier!

The Love In Trouble actor quietly entered Gangwon Province Training Center to start his military training today. It was Ji's decision to enlist privately and begin his 21 months of service without media coverage. His job as an active-duty soldier kicks off five weeks after his training begins. The 30-year-old star recently admitted in a statement that he was excited to start his life in the military. 

Check out the video of him getting a sexy buzz cut and the after photos:

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He's looking good! After debuting in 2008 in the melodrama Smile Dong Hae, the heartthrob found success on-screen and in live theatre. He even starred in musicals like Thrill Me and Jack the Ripper.

How will fans endure the almost two-year separation from their celebrity crush? A K-drama marathon should do the trick! After you watch Love In Trouble again, don't forget to check out The K2, Healer, Bachelor's Vegetable Store, Warrior Baek Dong Soo and Smile Dong Hae here on DramaFever.

Which K-drama will you start watching to celebrate Ji Chang Wook's enlistment day? 

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Source: Via / Image Credit: Glorious Entertainment/ Video Credit: Ji Chang Wook's Instagram