Ji Chang Wook is at peace about his upcoming military duty.

Following this weekend's finale of his action-packed series The K2, the 29 year-old actor opened up in an interview about his future enlistment date and if he plans to star in anymore productions until the big day arrives. “I am expecting a summons sometime in February or March next year. The actual date of enlistment is something I won’t know until it happens. I think that delaying the summons would be difficult.” Referring to the Cloud 9's genius computer in The K2, he jokingly added,  "I will have to ask the mirror when my enlistment will be.”

Ji Chang Wook fans shouldn't worry to much, because the talented star promised to leave them with another great memory before his hiatus. “I think I will do at least one more project before I enlist.”

The story-line in The K2 was full of so many twists and turns you didn't know who to trust every week! Through it all, Je Ha (Ji) and Anna's (Yoona) love for each other remained constant. I'm so glad the writers considered the audience's emotion when they finally gave the characters the happy ending they deserved. 

Now that The K2 is officially over, what was your opinion of the entire series? Also, what type of project do you want to see Ji Chang Wook star in next? 

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