Ji Chang Wook's muscle pain plays a major factor in his big decision!

The star of the upcoming TVN series The K2 has had enough of the intense work that is required in action productions. During the press conference for the show, Ji explained that he was in extreme pain while filming his latest project. Because of the suffering, he is determined to never play in an action series again. "I ended up suffering from myalgia in my neck. 

This is a piece that helped me firmly decide in my heart that I will not do an action drama ever again. We're promoting the drama as bodyguard-action-genre, but I didn't see it that way. The relationships in the drama are entertaining."

He admits that his neck pain may have worsened due to the cold temperatures during filming and his vigorous off-screen training. Nonetheless, the 29 year-old, who portrays a former soldier and bodyguard, is adamant that this is his most difficult project to date. "The myalgia may have been because the weather was cold. I worked out incessantly. I practiced martial arts at an action school and also lifted weights to portray a manly role. This may be the hardest project I've been in."

It's upsetting to hear our beloved stars suffering for their craft. However, I'm glad Ji Chang Wook is feeling better these days. His hard work won't be in vain when his diehard fans began tuning in every week to support him and his fellow actors. The K2 adventure, which co-stars Girls Generation's Yoona, starts this Friday on DramaFever. 

Are you ready to see his well-earned "bodyguard action" later this week? 

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Source: Via/ Image Credit: Ji Chang Wook's Instagram and MBN