Does The K2 lead actor Ji Chang Wook think he is cute or charismatic? Does he ever think of himself as really gorgeous? His answers may surprise you. In a new interview with Arirang Showbiz Korea, he reveals details about himself, gives the low-down on how difficult it was to film the infamous bathhouse fight scene, and shares insight into the endearing ramen scene with Yoona.

Ji thinks he is cute, and so do his past co-stars from Healer. If you’ve watched this clip of him dancing to Fifth Harmony causing Yoona slight second-hand embarrassment, you already know how adorable he can be. He attests his cuteness to the innocence of thinking like a child, saying: “When you’re simple-minded, you forget things quickly and be happy because of something. I came to the conclusion that being in such a state is beneficial for my mental health. As I live, be like a child!”

His cuteness comes across naturally in his acting as well, as shown in the infectiously charming scene where he watches Yoona’s character, Anna Go, attempt to cook ramen. “Before deciding to do this drama, I liked that scene the most while I was going over the script.” Viewers know why they love the scene as it played out on-screen, but what caught his attention to it on paper? “It’s the scene where Je Ha begins to interact with a person named Anna. The two didn’t meet in person, and he saw her through the monitor, so that scene felt new and it was really interesting.”

Another interesting part in the drama is the bathroom brawl, a scene the actor recalled as “unique” to film and one the Korean Communications Standards Commission deemed violated the “maintenance of dignity regulation." Over the revealing (but strategically censored) fight, the KCSC gave the show a “recommendation” to not show similar scenes in the future. Ji said: “I often saw scenes where guys fought while they were wet, but this was fighting while we were showering, and it was my first time doing a scene in the bathroom so I was very worried.”

Everyone can collectively agree, yes, he is gorgeous -- he thinks so too. (If you don’t believe us, we kindly would like to refer back to the aforementioned scene in the previous paragraph.) But like the ordinary person he is: “Well, it depends on the situation, but it’s not just me, I’m sure everyone has such moments. For example, you stepped out from the shower, you feel that your face looks good and you look handsome, or you have something in the morning and are getting your make-up done, and on that day you like everything, including the make-up, as well as the hair style, I think it’s different every time,” Ji said.

The thoughtful answer is reflective of what kind of productions he wishes to take on in the future. Ji acknowledges his acting resume has been primarily action with romance, but he wants to, “try many different productions, a wide variety of characters and works, I don’t want to differentiate the works and want to try many of them.” He shares his desire for projects that, “focus on a person’s feelings and thoughts, as well as love.”

Watch the two part interview below as he goes in-depth in his answers and fulfilled a fan request to reenact the smile his character makes when Anna dances while making ramen.

What surprised you the most to learn about Ji Chang Wook?

Source and photo cr: Arirang Showbiz Korea