Fans loved the kiss scenes between "HealerJi Chang Wook and Park Min Young. Their first kiss that made us all swoon was even when her eyes were covered so that she wouldn't recognize him. But when an interviewer questioned him about the romantic scenes in Healer, Ji Chang Wook's answer may surprise you.

He made the interviewer laugh with this reply, “Whenever I saw another kiss scene written in the script, I would sigh and think, 'Again?' Noona (Park Min Young) would also say ‘We have to hug again’ and ‘We’re doing it again.’" 

Doesn't it sound like he was afraid of the kiss scenes?

He went on to explain his concern was that for an actor, kissing and other intimate scenes could be sensitive and make everyone involved nervous. He said, "To put it simply, we're not real boyfriend and girlfriend, so the actress might not like filming such scenes." An example he gave, although seemingly simple, was in hand-holding. If the script said to "hold hands," but he thought linking fingers would look better, how would the actress think or react?

Ji Chang Wook said Healer gave him the most kissing and skinship scenes of any dramas he's been in, and it was the same for Park Min Young too. He credited Park Min Young for giving him many good suggestions. During filming, they would consider each other's feelings and give support, and therefore they had very few NGs. He also admitted that he would spray cologne on himself for those scenes!

It is very interesting to hear about so much thought and concern that occur in an actor's mind even for one affectionate gesture. As a result of these romantic scenes, Healer gave us a perfect blend of romance and suspense, fulfilling its promise as a romantic thriller. 

Thank you, Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young, for your dedication. You can be assured that the many kissing, hugging, and even hand-holding scenes were well worth your hard work. 

We fans are very thankful for all those kisses and hugs they shared, aren't we? You can see all of those hugs and kisses in action in Healer:

~ NancyZdramaland

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