Although “The K2” has come to an end...nevertheless, those who could not get enough of Ji Chang Wook and YoonA's chemistry on screen can still get their fill of some juicy behind the scene moments! Following the conclusion of the drama, while Ji Chang Wook sat down to talk about what it was like working with Girls’ Generation’s YoonA, he also revealed the circumstances behind their first kiss scene and the necessity to become close with YoonA as fast as possible! Just what happened? Keep reading to find out the secret behind their first kiss!

During a recent interview, The K2's, Ji Chang Wook discussed his chemistry and relationship with co-star YoonA remarking that, 

“She’s a member of Girls’ Generation, and idol-turned-actors tend to be met with a certain prejudice. When we met for the first time as partners, I tried my best to avoid seeing her through a certain lens. I saw her as my partner, my co-star. Because I didn’t see any of her previous works, I was able to do that. I just saw her as Anna and YoonA.


However, apart from his professionalism and respect for his co-star, Ji Chang Wook also revealed a shocking truth regarding their first onscreen kiss! Wook went onto explain that,"

"To be honest, the final kiss scene shown in the drama was actually the first thing we filmed when we were filming overseas. We were notified about the kiss scene after we arrived at the Barcelona airport. A clear script hadn’t been released, and the writer only gave us the situation. I was so taken aback that I said ‘Let’s become close as soon as possible.’ We had to become close as soon as possible because of the kiss scene. We talked a lot about the drama as well as our own stories, values, hobbies, and even our philosophies on life. Because of that, we quickly became close.”

What did you think of Ji Chang Wook and YoonA’s kiss scene? Do you think they were able to get close enough?