Noooo! Sad as it is, the hit drama Healer is coming to an end today as the last episode airs on DramaFever. We aren't the only ones already missing the series — Healer hottie Ji Chang Wook took to his Instagram this week to bid farewell to the show.

On February 9, the talented actor posted a photo of him holding his Healer script with the caption "Today..Final filming of Healer!!! Until the end... #SeoJungHoo #ParkBongSoo #Healer #IWon'tForgetIt."

Then, on February 10, he posted a photo of his on-screen apartment from the series with the caption "Shooting ends..."

Finally, on February 11 he posted a photo in his Healer costume with the caption "Goodbye...!"

Don't worry, Ji Chang Wook! We won't be forgetting Healer any time soon, either! 

To be honest, all of Ji Chang Wook's Instagram photos are adorable and make the end of the series a little bit more bearable. A little. You can find all of this posts here.

The final episode of Healer is now available. Watch it now — and then watch the whole series again! I know I will.