How many reasons do you need to fall for Ji Chang Wook? Fans probably would say just one is sufficient. Nevertheless, the handsome leading man who is well known to be a great singer has lent his magnetic voice for a beautiful love song, titled "101 Reasons Why I love You," for the romantic drama Love in Trouble (aka Suspicious Partner).

Let's go straight to the fan-made video that includes English-subbed lyrics!

The touching song is softly complemented with a gentle flowing score. 

Since translation is a combination of art and science, here is another fan-made video that shows both English and Chinese translations.

You don't mind listening to and watching Ji Chang Wook again, do you?

Don't forget to check out the other songs from Love in Trouble as collected in this video.

And, it's time to watch Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun again in Love in Trouble!


Love In Trouble (Suspicious Partner)

Starring Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun

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I think I'm going to have to listen to this song about a thousand times when Ji Chang Wook enlists in August. 

How about you?

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