As if you needed any more reasons to swoon over Ji Chang Wook as the Healer, let's just add another reason anyway. The multi-talented actor recently recorded a love song for the Healer OST, and it will be released early in February.

Reportedly, the song will be a ballad about Jung Hoo's feelings for Young Shin. A representative from Healer said the following: "Thanks to Ji Chang Wook, who did his best without any signs of tiredness despite his tight filming schedule, the recording went well. Ji Chang Wook will ring hearts with his singing ability and charming voice."

You heard right. The Healer. Singing a love song. Could there be anything better?

Just to prepare us for Ji Chang Wook's "charming voice" on the upcoming digital single, let's all watch him singing for the musical The Days. 

And here he is singing for the Empress Ki OST. Because one can never get enough of Ji Chang Wook singing, right?

Catch up with the latest episode of Healer below, and don't forget to watch the new episode later today!