[caption id="attachment_28052" align="alignleft" width="332" caption="Ji Chang Wook"][/caption] You may remember Ji Chang Wook as the youngest of the four brothers of Sons of Sol Pharmacy. Now comes his first starring role, in the daily drama Smile, Dong Hae. Ji plays a Korean-American speed skater who returns to Korea after a long absence to find his sweetheart (Park Jung Ah) is not all that she seems. Also starring Pasta's Alex, the new daily begins this week--check out some preview pics and more details on the show right here. Saturday marked the second anniversary of Choi Jin Sil's (Last Scandal) suicide at the age of 39. Family and friends marked the sad occasion with a tribute to the actress, her ex-husband showing support for their son by taking him to a baseball game after the service. So Ji Sub fans wondered when they saw their idol sporting a tattoo in Arena magazine whether the ink was real or not. Turns out it's the real deal, and you can see the photos to prove it, along with the story behind the psychedelic eyeball now staring out of So's shoulder, here. A group of 80 fans of Rain in 12 countries banded together to do some charity work in support of the star and his new drama Runaway: Plan B (the show still goes by a lot of different names, but you know the one I mean). Astonishingly, the small group was able to raise over $10k US to help out needy children. Japanese fans even pitched in an additional 80kg of rice! The fashion mag Ceci celebrates 16 years of couture this month with a punky new series of photos starring none other than Park Shin Hye. Finally, could you possibly get through the day without knowing the top five Japanese celebrities that women 20-49 wish would propose to them? No, you could not. The answers are provided here by an organization "dedicated to inspiring a passion for platinum."