Ji Chang Wook is the best son! While everyone else spent the first few days of the year with their lovers, The K2 actor made sure he spent quality time with his first love, his mom. Fans quickly realized the lovely woman posing for an Instagram selfie with him yesterday was his mother, and they couldn't stop praising them.

The two are all smiles as fans raved about the good looks he inherited from her. As you can see in the photo, they are in a plane, probably headed somewhere exotic and tranquil. "Good morning. Happy new year, everyone," was the caption he wrote for the endearing family moment onboard. It's so nice to see that Ji is using his vacation to spend time with the people he loves. I wonder if he will hold a fan meeting before the big enlistment day arrives and bring his cute mom along.

With his army days just months away, the 29-year-old is currently considering a starring role in screenwriter Choi Ho Cheol's The Happiest Time Of My Life. I loved his recent acting and singing for Lotte Duty Free's 7 First Kisses short series.That special is every K-drama fan's dream come true! He even kept his K2 image alive by taking on a brief action role once again. 

In addition to the family trip, how do you think Ji Chang Wook will spend the last few months before his mandatory military enlistment? 


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