How does Ji Chang Wook get into character? 

The K2 actor recently opened up to Marie Claire Korea about his signature style when it comes to expressing himself on-camera. No matter what, Ji promises that his acting comes from the heart. 

"There are a lot of times when I feel painful, but I experience catharsis when I agree in tone with another actor and stand on stage. I'm also always sincere when acting," he said.

That's so intriguing! If we could all take acting lessons from Ji Chang Wook, it would be a dream come true. In his photo spread for the women's publication, the clean-cut star looked dapper in trendy suits. His entire interview can be found in the latest issue of Marie Claire Korea.

What is your K-drama crush doing this season? The 29 year-old actor landed his first leading movie role in the action/crime film Fabricated City. Ji plays enthusiastic video gamer Kwon Yoo who gets framed for a horrific crime he didn't commit. He needs the aid of fellow gamer (actor Ahn Jae Hong) and hacker (actress Shim Eun Kyung) to prove his innocence. Fabricated City premieres in South Korean theaters next month. 

Do you agree that Ji iChang Wook is on his A game when it comes to acting?  

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