Ummm, I tried really hard to think of anything that could possibly be better than spending an evening eating chicken and drinking beer while watching Ji Chang Wook's new drama The K2 with him, and I came up with a big fat NOTHING! And that's exactly what some very lucky fans will get to do!

Ji Chang Wook's agency recently announced that he will be holding a fan meeting called 'JI CHANG WOOK 3D' at the Han River Park in Seoul on October 15. 

The outdoor event will be casual with Ji Chang Wook kicking back to eat chicken and drink beer with his fans while watching The K2 and making his own live commentaries. Additionally, the agency stated that, "Ji Chang Wook will be making rounds, thanking fans personally...he wishes to express his gratitude through this event." 

Best. Night. Ever.

Wouldn't it be fun to hear his comments on his own drama? And what I wouldn't give to receive a personal thank you from my oppa!

You may not be able to hop a plane to Seoul, but at least you can watch his drama online and eat some chicken and beverage of your choice in the comfort of your own home...