Ji Chang Wook has taken over KBS2 as the incredibly sexy Healer, Seo Jung Hoo. To celebrate his hot new role, let's view all the interesting wardrobe choices he had to wear for a number of his roles. 

See Ji Chang Wook in Healer:

From casual attire to elaborate historical costumes, Ji has worn it all! He hasn't only worn the clothes; he made them his own with his coveted physique.

Travel through the sexy star's on-screen closet below: 

1. Song Mi Poong in My Too Perfect Sons

2. Dong Hae in Smile Dong Hae

3. Baek Dong Soo in Warrior Baek Dong Soo

4.Han Tae Yang in Bachelor's Vegetable Store

5. Yoo In Ha in Five Fingers

6. Ta Hwan and Emperor Huizong of Yuan in Empress Ki 

7. Guardian angel 2013 in KARA: Secret Love

8. Soo Il in Death Bell 2

9. Seo Jung Ho inHealer

Which outfit do you think he should wear in his daily life?

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