Just because not everything in life will go as planned...it doesn't mean that we can't make plans! During a recent interview with MBN, “The K2” star Ji Chang Wook not only revealed his ideal type, but also his future plans for dating, and his thoughts about his recent appearance on TV show ‘We Got Married’. Just what kind of plans does Ji Chang Wook have for himself? Keep reading to get a sneak peak into the thoughts of this amazing actor!

When it comes to love we all have our own opinions and preferences, but what is the ideal type for mega star Ji Chang Wook?  In a revealing interview, Ji Chang Wook confessed, 

"It'll be a lie if I say I don't consider looks. You'll have to be physically attracted to start a conversation. But physical aspects are only in the short run. The most important thing is to relate and be able to converse well. I like someone who is fun to be around."

However, knowing what you are looking for and actively pursuing a relationship are two different things! Just what are his plans and thoughts on dating? Ji Chang Wook candidly revealed that, 

"I always have the plans to do so, but I'm too busy and I also do have to enlist in the military soon. If I do date and the news breaks, and I leave for the military then I think it'll be bad for my partner. So I think dating will be difficult for awhile."

While it is too bad Ji Chang Wook's schedule might keep him from dating, maybe chances for love can be found in a another way! When asked about his recent special appearance on TV show ‘We Got Married’ for friend Choi Tae Joon, Ji Chang Wook shared his thoughts on being a permanent member of the show, 

"I actually asked Tae Joon a lot of questions. I asked, 'Does it really feel like marriage? Do your feelings tend to get real? Is there a script? Do you two really date?' and more. But it's only curiosity. If they really tell me to do it, then I'll have to show myself in raw way. I'm too timid and also embarrassed to do that, so I don't think I can [go on the show permanently]."

What do you think about Ji Chang Wook's thoughts on love and dating? Let us know your thoughts below.

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