Ji Soo was recently featured in a new issue of High Cut magazine where he opened up about playing detective In Gook Doo and evolving as an actor. When the publication inquired about his latest TV role, the 24 year-old actor was candid about how much work it actually took to transform into the rigid Gook Doo. "He is an elite detective who has a furious temper like that of a wild horse. Since I didn't know how to express the personality, I went over to a local police station," he explained.

"When I went, I realized the officers there were mostly in their 40s. I couldn't find anyone similar to In Gook Doo. He is just a fictional character after all. Since he was so different from my usual self, I had to think carefully about every move."

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon started the metamorphosis in his acting career, because he realized he had so much more to learn. "During my early acting days, I was full of myself, thinking I knew it all and had everything together. However, after starring in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, I realized how hard it got the further I went... After monitoring my acting, I understood how it was all a process of development."

For his High Cut photo spread, which releases tomorrow, Ji Soo is seen doing a variety of things from wrapping gifts to grooming himself.

Who didn't love In Gook Doo? Ji Soo always brings something special to each of the characters he portrays. Whether he's playing a prince or a member of law enforcement, you can count on him to deliver a stunning performance.

What did you think of In Gook Doo?

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