Breakout star Ji Soo has had a big year with scene-stealing roles in both Angry Mom and Cheer Up. Now the 22-year-old actor has landed his first leading role! He and Kim So Hyun are set to star in the short series Page Turner from Park Hye Ryun, the popular screenwriter behind hits like I Hear Your Voice and Pinocchio.

Page Turner is a 3-episode KBS drama special (sadly, not a full-length series) about an arts student and an athlete whose lives become intertwined after an accident. Ji Soo plays a star athlete with a forceful personality, while Kim So Hyun will play a talented pianist at a musical academy.

The second male lead is Ji Soo's Cheer Up castmate Shin Jae Ha. In Cheer Up, he played Tae Pyung, the nerdy Baek Ho student with glasses who developed a relationship with Real King's Da Mi. He also played the younger version of Dal Po's brother in Pinocchio.

Isn't this cast fantastic? Even if it's only 3 episodes, the writing/acting combo sounds very promising. Page Turner will air in early 2016 on KBS. 

Share your thoughts on this series in the comments, and check out Ji Soo and Shin Jae Ha in Cheer Up below!

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