Now this is starting to sound interesting! We already reported that Park Bo Young's next leading man would be Park Hyung Sik (Heirs) in her upcoming JTBC drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon this January, but now we have a second male lead lined up, and it's none other than Kim Ji Soo.

Ji Soo is hot off of both Fantastic and Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, not to mention that he is recovering from a serious leg infection, but this talented actor just doesn't take a break! 

He will once again be playing the second male lead who is sure to give us all a bad case of second lead syndrome (when is this guy going to finally get the lead??).

In Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Ji Soo will be playing an honest and principled detective who has long been in love with the female lead. I wonder why she never returned his love! Is she crazy? I guess we will find out! 

The drama has yet to reveal too much about the plot line, other than it centers around an abnormally strong young woman (Park Bo Young) and a self-made CEO (Park Hyung Sik), who is "bright tsundere," a character who is cold and hostile at first but gradually warms up.

The drama will be produced by PD Lee Hyung Min (Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi) and will be written by Baek Mi Kyung (My Love Eun Dong), and is supposed to be an action-fantasy-comedy for women.

Stay tuned for more updates as the production progresses! Are you excited about this love triangle?


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