We’ve never seen a K-drama couple as realistic as Ji Sung and Han Ji Min in Wife I Know. This married couple bickers, argues, and fights. Yes, theirs was a love bounded by fate, but when reality seeps in, challenges are unavoidable.


Cha Joo Hyuk (Ji Sung) has been married to Seo Woo Jin (Han Ji-Min) for 5 years. Due to an unexpected case, Joo Hyuk finds himself and Seo Woo-Jin having totally different lives in the present day.


The first teaser unravels like a beautiful commercial, whereas the second one shows how much Ji Sung misses his wife, albeit the fights they’ve had.

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We adored Ji Sung on Entertainer, and loved him on Kill Me, Heal Me. We’re so happy he returned for another romantic comedy with a great team. PD Lee Sang Yup has directed Shopping King Louis, which was dubbed as a "fairytale for adults." Screenwriter Yang Hee Seung has penned adorable romantic comedies like Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo and Oh My Ghostess.

The Ji Sung family seems to be doing well. Last summer, Ji Sung shared beautiful shots of wife Lee Bo Young and daughter Ji Yoo in Thailand.

As for Han Ji Min, she’s staging a K-drama comeback in three years with Wife I Know. She fell in love with the drama’s “fantasy-like realism that everyone can empathize with.” She elaborated, “Fate happens in an instant. In this drama, we discuss fate starting from the nostalgic ‘what if,’ which was interesting ... Naturally, people forget some first encounters because life happens or because we simply lose touch. I hope this drama will remind you of some of those first encounters you’ve had.” Last month, Han Ji Min had a French kiss-themed photoshoot with Vogue Korea and Van Cleef & Arpels in Paris. Check out the gorgeous photos here.

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