The fascinating Kill Me, Heal Me drama has reached a critical kiss scene during episode 8 where Do Hyun (Ji Sung) finally kissed Ri Ji (Hwang Jung Eum) despite the warning from his dangerous alter ego Shin Se Ki. This kiss is so romantic and thrilling that our drama club has declared it to be "Amazing!" Here we have the kiss scene in its own clip, as well as the behind-the-scene making of the heart-fluttering and oxygen-depriving 2-level kiss! (Hint: It took many tries to get it right!)

First, check out how thorough they plan and execute every step in the 2-level kiss. Lucky for us, the behind-the-scene video is subbed in English (as if we really needed it to watch Ji Sung.) The video shows how much detail goes into filming this scene even for a couple with prior collaboration experience and great chemistry.

Now we see the amazing kiss scene. It takes a little time to build up to the emotional peak, so we begin the video when they start talking about his multiple personalities being an obstacle to a happy life.

I'll explain what the "2-level kiss" is after the video.

The kiss is called the 2-level kiss, because he kisses her once, pulls her in but stops, thinking over the warning from Se Ki, but kisses her again anyway. 

Was he throwing caution to the wind, or did he decide that it's time he took charge and grabbed hold of his future?

What do you think of the kiss? Did you stop breathing for a few seconds?

~ NancyZdramaland

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