Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young are preparing for the birth of their first child, and Ji Sung recently announced that they already have an adorable name that they're using for the baby before he or she is born! 

While promoting his upcoming drama Kill Me, Heal Me on the show Section TV Entertainment Relay, Ji Sung said, “I hope our Bo Bae is born quickly and comes to our side.” When asked for further clarification on the name, he went on to explain the reasoning behind their choice: “It’s Bo Bae. Kwak Bo Bae. My real name is Kwak Tae Geun, and so Kwak Bo Bae means ‘Kwak Tae Geun and Lee Bo Young’s Baby.’” He clarified that "Bae" refers to the baby instead of a similar-sounding word for treasure. He also indicated that people would see a new, mature side to him as a father.

I love how they're including both parents in the name to make it meaningful, and even if it doesn't end up being the name after birth, Bo Bae is a pretty adorable name for a baby!

While Ji Sung passes the months before the birth of little Bo Bae, you can catch him in Kill Me, Heal Me, which premieres this Wednesday, January 7 on DramaFever. Sign up for new episode alerts HERE and check out the latest trailer below!

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