Get ready for the cute attack! Ji Sung got a surprise birthday cake and baby gift from his adoring fans on Feb. 28, while he was still filming the top-rated drama series, Kill Me, Heal Me. Check out the many cute photos we have of the very uniquely designed cake decorated with all 7 of his multiple personas, as well as the gift that gives a clue to the baby's gender.

Here's Ji Sung with his cake:

Can anyone actually take a bite of this creative masterpiece? Here's the close-up. It has all 7 of Ji Sung's multiple personas in Kill Me, Heal Me, including the unknown Mr. X. Can you name the other 6?  (Hint)

Let's see what's inside the gift boxes...

Awww, Ji Sung is holding up a pretty little dress with a pair of cute white shoes to match.

Isn't that fantastic news? Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young are going to have a little girl!

Happy Birthday, Ji Sung!

~ NancyZdramaland

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