Entertainer is firing up for an April 20 premiere by releasing stills of what appears to be Ji Sung and Hyeri in an accidental embrace! 

In real life, Hyeri and Ji Sung are 17 years apart in age, but they seem to work well together despite the gap. A drama representative stated, “Even the staff members are impressed by how Ji Sung and Hyeri take care of each other. Ji Sung asks the camera team to shoot Hyeri from a flattering angle whenever they film together. To repay Ji Sung for his warm kindness, Hyeri is doing her utmost to show good acting.”

Additionally, we have stills of Hyeri with Kang Min Hyuk, who plays Hyeri's younger brother and an aspiring K-pop star in Ji Sung's new group. 

Don't the pair make adorable and caring siblings? 

We also see what seems to be the moment when Ji Sung approaches Min Hyuk to be in his band:

Ji Sung and Min Hyuk are bound to have a funny bromance as they are described as having a love/hate relationship. 

Let's not forget Ji Sung posing with second female lead, and possible love interest, Chae Jung Ahn:

Her character is Ji Sung's old friend, and is a more successful producer in the music industry than him. Will there be a love triangle between her and Hyeri? Only time will tell! 

What do you think of the cast so far? Entertainer will premiere on April 20 on DramaFever. Add it to your queue now!


The Entertainer

Starring Ji Sung and Lee Hye Ri (Hyeri)

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