Ji Sung was diagnosed with acute vocal edema on March 3rd while filming his hit drama Kill Me, Heal Me. Due to his demanding lead role with multiple personalities, Ji Sung suddenly lost his voice and could barely talk. He was rushed to the doctor and was found out to have inflamed vocal cords, likely due to stress and exhaustion.

He was given given orders to rest, however the tight filming schedule required that the shooting continue and Ji Sung valiantly went on with filming despite his discomfort.

A representative from his management company stated, “Ji Sung feels a very strong sense of responsibility towards this work. When people around him recommend him rest, he quiets them by saying, ‘Not acting is even more stressful for me.’”

A staff member from Kill Me, Heal Me further expanded on the situation. “The scene we were filming had to be recorded during the day so it couldn’t be stopped. Ji Sung knew this and hid the fact that he was sick. Even during break, he was looking over the script and picturing the next scene. We were all touched at Ji Sung’s thoughtfulness and passion.”

We wish Ji Sung a speedy recovery! Hopefully he will be able to get some much needed rest once Kill Me, Heal Me wraps up this week. He certainly deserves it!

The final episode of Kill Me, Heal Me will air in Korea on March 12th.

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