News of Ji Sung's relationship with wife Lee Bo Young and their status as expectant parents just keeps getting cuter and cuter! On March 17, the Kill Me Heal Me actor revealed how he feels about becoming a father in three months, and what he said is guaranteed to melt your heart!

Ji Sung adorably stated, "I want to become a father, but time is going by so slowly. It's kind of interesting though; I can kind of see my baby growing older [inside her stomach]. The expected date is around the end of June. I think I'm going to cry a lot [that day]. I will prepare myself to become a great father."

Aww! Can't you just imagine him with tears in his eyes as he holds his baby with Lee Bo Young for the first time? FEELS! 

He then confirmed that they are expecting a beautiful baby daughter, saying, "June 22 is the expected date. It's a she. When my wife works, I have to take care of the baby so I am learning how to make baby food, and of course, how to change a diaper. I don't want anyone else to take care of my baby. No matter what it becomes, I think she will enjoy food that her father makes. I'm currently looking over cooking books and researching online, getting ready to become a father."

Doesn't he sound like he will be the perfect daddy? And so considerate of his wife! 

He additionally confirmed that the couple temporarily named their baby Kwak Bo Bae, which is a combination of Kwak Tae Geun (Ji Sung's real name) and Lee Bo Young's baby. I wonder what they are planning on naming her now that they know it's a girl! 

Watch the adorable daddy-to-be in Kill Me, Heal Me: