Ji Sung has impressed us with his 7 multiple personas for the touching Kill Me, Heal Me drama. He even sang his favorite song "Violet" for the show. Here we have an English-subbed video for the entire song, as well as a making-the-song video showing Ji Sung singing at the recording studio.

The song "Violet" was originally released in 1985 by Jo Dong Jin, a famous Korean singer-songwriter who wrote poetic lyrics. Ji Sung's gentle voice and the lovely verses of “When I first saw you, you were a small girl and had a violet in your hair. You smiled while telling me you want to fly off like a bird” enhanced romantic scenes with a tinge of sadness in Kill Me, Heal Me.

Ji Sung reportedly asked the production team to remake the song. He has loved the song since his school years. The song made its first appearance in episode 17.

Here's a very nice fan-made video with English subtitles of the song:

Here's Ji Sun at the studio preparing and then singing the song. You an see him showing his emotions while singing.

(Ji Sung's lovely rendition of "Violet" will be added as a bonus track to Kill Me, Heal Me's OST album, which will include the main title, "Auditory Hallucination" by Jang Jae In featuring NaShow, "Unspeakable Secret" by Moon Myung Jin, "Healing Love" by f(x) Luna and Choi Yi of LU:KUS, "Letting You Go" by Park Seo Joon, "This Feeling" by Lee Yoo Rim, and other songs by various artists.