The drama Kill Me, Heal Me ends this week on DramaFever, and while filming ended two weeks ago, Ji Sung has had time to reflect on some things he learned while filming the show. 

Kill Me, Heal Me was about a man who struggled with 6 other personalities caused by abuse experienced in childhood.  These personalities allowed the character, Cha Do Hyun, to deal with overwhelming feelings and experiences.

"I think children deserve unlimited love more than anything, and TV series should carry that kind of social message rather than producers worrying about how to make it successful commercially," Ji said. "It would be nice if we can convey a message of hope in our work, especially in the current depressing climate."

Ji Sung is also experiencing overwhelming approval for his work in this drama. 

"I regret nothing as I've done everything I could possibly do in the show," he said. "When would I ever get wear a high school girl's uniform, eyeliner, and speak in heavy accent?"

Clearly Ji Sung had many amazing experiences playing Se Gi, Perry, Yo Sub, Yo Na, Mr X, and Na Na. His dedication were reflected in the audience's enjoyment in these characters. 

Ji Sung now gets to look forward to his child being born in late June with wife, Lee Bo Young. His busy schedule has prevented him from spending as much time as he wanted helping her prepare for the new baby.

"I was sorry about that, but now that the project has wrapped up I'll try to be with her and prepare to meet our baby," he said.

You can see the finale of Kill Me, Heal Me below: