Jin Goo is basking in the warmth of surprise popularity as the tough military guy in Descendants of the Sun, who hides his romantic feelings under a stoic appearance when he's really hurting inside. Did you know he touched our hearts once before, when he tricked his girlfriend in another drama to a surprise proposal? Watch the clip to see and listen to Jin Goo sing a romantic song.

In the 5-star-rated Falling in Love with Soon Jung, Jin Goo plays a policeman who is very open about showing his love for his girlfriend Sung Jung. 

One day, Sung Jung is arrested and taken to a secret location. 

Watch this clip and see how Jin Goo surprises her with a very romantic proposal:

Isn't that scene cute?

Does it make you wonder if there will be a proposal scene in Descendants of the Sun

I sure hope so! 

The only thing is, many fans can't decide whether they'd say yes to Song Joong Ki or Jin Goo, since both of them are steamy hot in DOTS.


Descendants of the Sun

Starring Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo

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