Actor Jin Yi Han who played the hot rebellious brother of Park Min Young’s character in Time Slip Dr. Jin is 35 years old today! I can still remember how everyone was like O.M.G he’s so hot and he has the best voice ever! It’s all soothing and relaxing, and then he’s just sexy on top of it all! He has features like a cat and he only seems to get better looking as he ages. 35 years old looks absolutely amazing on “Oppa.” Just look at these photos!

10. His eyes, and his mouth, and then his cheekbones...just his whole face!

9. At first I really liked this picture because of his smile, but now I can't stop looking at the baby bang/fringe he has o_0

8. Glasses and a good suit are forever perfect. They make almost every guy look better!

7. His suit fits him perfectly, and oddly enough a bow tie looks good on him too.

6. SEE! Glasses and a suit! But he has a very symmetrical looking face to begin with so what wouldn't he look good in?

5. Now KISS! (kekeke)

4. On the set of Dr. Jin. Why yes, that is Jaejoongs sexy back!

3. When these hot actors and Idol guys stare right into the camera, it gets to me every time!

2. O.M.G just look at oppa's sexy neck and then JJ's pretty eyes!

1. " I'm sexy and I know it" *Shuffles* (-_-)

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE