Jiro Wang (Absolute Boyfriend) and Ady An (Autumn's Concertohttp://1hop.co/oujcu/srotv/" target="_blank">Go, Single Lady) are among the favorite actors for DramaFever fans, and they have joined together to film a new Chinese movie about tomb robbing. Here are the photo stills and posters from the movie, Mystery.

Mystery is also known as The World of Tomb Robbing. According to the movie's synopsis, Jiro and Ady are descendants of competing tomb-robbing families who decide to work together to find secret treasures. Because of the unusual topic, this movie has become very popular in China ever since its release on November 14.

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Mystery sounds really interesting, and the images of Jiro Wang and Ady An in period costume look great. The movie's marketing touts it as the first Chinese movie about tomb robbing. With Jiro and Ady, there should be a strong romantic element in this suspenseful thriller. The movie is a joint Chinese-Singaporean production.

(posters: ent.qq, 3mt)