Even If I Live Just One Day

For those of you who are enjoying the drama 49 Days as much as we are, you'll appreciate this: leading man Jo Hyun Jae, who plays the outwardly-brooding, but inwardly-warm-hearted Han Kang, has released a song for the drama OST titled "Even If I Live One Day." Even If I Live One Day - 50 Second Preview It's another soft, sweeping ballad, similar to fellow 49 Days actor Jung Il Woo's previously released "Scarecrow." Scarecrow - 50 second preview According Dramabeans, Jo Hyun Jae had his start in Korean boy band in the 80s, so the idea of him singing is not too much of a stretch. "Even If I Live Just One Day" is an appropriate song for Jo's character, since Han Kang is growing increasingly affectionate for Ji Hyun. After Hyun Bin's cover of "That Woman" for the drama Secret Garden took over Korea's music charts in January, the kdrama-world seems to be looking for another hit single. To hear the full song in the context of the story, tune in to DramaFever! New episodes coming soon! Source: Newsen