joinsung2 Both parties of the top celebrity couple that was recently uncovered by Dispatch have released official statements about their relationship. Not too long after the breaking news, both parties admitted that the rumors were true! Jo In Sung's agency said, "The two had coincidentally met early this year and had exchanged contact information naturally. They had been contacting one another and started gaining interest in each other. It has been confirmed that the two are meeting with good heart." A representative of IOK company echoed Jo In Sung's words, saying, "They are starting [their relationship] with a good heart so please look at them in a good light. We are sorry that we did not release their relationship before and it was released through a news source." Representing Kim Min Hee, Forest Entertainment also came clean and said that the two are currently dating. The official notice was similar to that of IOK's, where both agencies apologized for not releasing the information sooner. What do you think of this new celebrity couple? (Source: