Jo In Sung finally revealed that his lack of understanding of women led to his breakup with actress Kim Min Hee. He made the surprise remark at entertainer Park Kyung Lim's Talk Concert, a talk show where women of all ages discuss their lives and seek consolation from the show's host and her guests.

The Talk Concert was attended by around 700 women at the Ewha Womans University in Seoul. The women reportedly went wild when Jo In Sung made a surprise appearance. One female participant talked about her heartbreaking experience in a difficult marriage, and Jo In Sung presented her with a fancy meal, jewelry, and a hug.

Jo then shared his own breakup experience by saying, "I don't know much about women. That's why I broke up a few months ago."  Jo and Kim started dating early in 2013 and confirmed on September 24 of this year that they had ended their relationship. The surprise news came after Jo's latest drama It's Okay, That's Love completed its run.

He continued, “I don’t even know what’s on my mother’s mind. I think I had to break up this time because I didn't know what’s on women‘s minds. I would be good at maintaining a relationship if I was good at love. I thought I wouldn't make the same mistake again."

He also said that men never understand women and remain curious about women until they die.

Watch Jo In Sung demonstrate the power of romance in It's Okay, That's Love:

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Well, his revelation is actually disappointing to those of us who still believe in the power of love, especially after we watched the inspiring romance drama  It's Okay, That's Love. Jo is certainly full of surprises. I hope he learns more about women and finds a lasting love. Is there a book that we can recommend for him to study? Or a K-drama to watch?

(Photos: cn.hikopop, It's Okay That's Love)