Jo In Sung successfully held his first fan meeting in Thailand on February 28 in Bangkok. It was called the "2015 So In Love with Jo In Sung Fan Meeting."

He talked about the teamwork that went on behind the scenes of It's Okay, That's Love. In addition, he responded to fans' questions related to his personal life. At the end of the event, he sang the song "Thought" by Hot Potato. His company stated that he was very appreciative towards his fans in Thailand for welcoming him at his first meeting. A source reported, "Despite his first visit, local fans made him feel very much at home, and the media attention for him was unbelievable. We hope everyone who came to the meeting will never forget it and he will come back soon with something new." 

Now that Jo In Sung has successfully finished his fan meeting, he will consider his next drama.

I can't wait to see what drama he will choose next!

Enjoy his latest work in It's Okay, That's Love: