20130314001268_0 Jo In Sung was part of a recent press conference for That Winter, The Wind Blows, during which time he decided to address some recent rumors. “I think a lot of rumors are going around because of a new way that the production team is putting the finishing touches to the drama. I heard a rumor that in the editing process, the production team cuts down my face. That is possible on paper, but clips have frames and it is very hard to do that. It is especially impossible to do this for films.” He made mention of his co-star Song Hye Kyo, adding that there is no editing to her film, and then contradicting himself, stating that a bit more color is added. The director of the drama, Kim Gyu Tae, spoke about the editing process, saying “Currently when we are editing, we are correcting the color by strengthening the texture and colors of the visuals. This new correcting process was not possible in the past because of time constraints and price. However, we are using this technique now.” Heard other rumors of tricky editing in Kdramas? Tell us in the comments below!