Jo In Sung Discharged
Each time a South Korean leading actor completes his military duties and emerges from the trenches, he comes back somewhat changed. He partly owes his transformation to those grueling years he spent in service, but there's also some truth to the adage, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." After years of absence, an actor returning from the army becomes somewhat deified -- the buzz and expectations that surrounds his return practically forms a halo around his head.
400 fans were waiting outside  when Jo In Sung, who served a two-year term, was discharged from the South Korean army on May 4, 2011. Many other actors have returned to civilian life this year after completing their mandatory duties in the military, but Jo In Sung -- easily one of the top leading men of the Korean entertainment industry -- is one of the more anticipated returning actors.
According to articles in South Korea, Jo looks forward to possibly making an appearance on the variety show "Infinity Challenge." If he does make an appearance on this show, we'll definitely update you all on what goes down. Meanwhile, Jo made no mention of returning to korean dramas...yet.
Source: Newsen