Jo In Sung Ha Ji Won Kiss

Some old news has reignited interest in Kdrama-land. Actor Jo In Sung, who was recently discharged from the army, is in the news again for an interview he did back in 2004 while promoting the drama "What Happened in Bali." In the interview, Jo In Sung talks about his steamy kiss scene with actress Ha Ji Won. Though Ha Ji Won has become one of South Korea's most beloved actresses after the massively popular hit drama "Secret Garden", back in 2004, she was a relative newcomer to the scene. Much to Ha Ji Won's embarrassment and the delight of the studio audience, Jo In Sung teased that he could have had multiple takes of the kiss scene if he wanted to and that the two actors kissed so hard that their teeth almost broke. Aww...who wants to ship this couple? I do! It's been a while, but it would be nice to see the couple work together again. Source: Nate