Jo Jung Suk and Park Bo Young have officially signed on as costars in the upcoming tvN romantic comedy Oh My Ghost. The two will play romantic interests haunted by an unusual spirit.

This is definitely one of those drama pairings where even if it's not something you would have imagined on your own, the second it's confirmed, it sounds like K-drama magic. Jo Jung Suk made me laugh, swoon, and sob giant buckets of tears in King 2 Hearts, and it's about time he had a leading role in a drama to follow up the 2013 series You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin.

Park Bo Young has had a similar effect. Every time I see her in a movie like A Werewolf Boy or Hot Young Bloods, I immediately rush to check her filmography to see what other shows she's been in. Then I remember that in spite of her impressive movie resume, she hasn't actually done a drama since 2009 — until now! With these two talented actors confirmed, I'm definitely more than a little interested in the series.

Then there's the premise, which sounds like it's going to be packed with all kinds of hilarity. Park Bo Young will play an extremely clumsy and shy young woman who works as a kitchen assistant. She has an unrequited crush on her boss (Jo Jung Suk), an arrogant star chef. Ever since she was young, she has occasionally been able to see spirits (a gift inherited from her shaman grandmother), but one day her whole life is turned upside down when she becomes possessed by the ghost of a lusty young virgin. Suddenly, the quiet, bumbling girl becomes a confident vixen under the ghost's influence, and her boss doesn't know how to react.

This show comes from the writer-director team behind High School King of Savvy, which means that they definitely know how to pull off zany antics and cute romance! It is currently set for a July premiere on tvN.

What do you think of this pairing? Are you intrigued by the interesting premise? Share your thoughts in the comments below! If you want to see some of Park Bo Young's other work, check her out opposite Lee Jong Suk in the coming-of-age movie Hot Young Bloods: