Jo Jung Suk is living the good life.

In a recent interview, the Jealousy Incarnate star opened up about his personal life and thoughts following the finale of his latest SBS series. Viewers were so taken by his incredible on-screen chemistry with Gong Hyo Jin; they worried about his real life romance with singer Gummy. He quickly set the record straight. 

Jo assured everyone that his relationship with Gummy was good, and that they didn't have any problems.His celebrity lover is so mature and secure in their almost 3 year relationship. Even his love scenes don't faze her! "She doesn't get jealous. She knows it's all acting," he said. 

The 35 year-old is in a good place in his career, and he is delighted that fans enjoyed his Jealousy Incarnate role so much. "I'm happy that people are reacting well to my acting. It makes me really happy to hear, 'Their acting is so real that it makes me want to date.' I'm thinking that Gong Hyo Jin and I did a very good job."

Despite all the ups and downs Lee Hwa Shin (Jo) and Pyo Na Ri (Gong) had to endure in Jealousy Incarnate, the characters were able to have a lovely wedding filled with flash-forward extras! Unless it's a daily show, it's rare to see two leading stars actually make it to the altar for a fairy-tale happy ending. This show definitely delivered! 

I wonder if life will imitate art. Do you think Jo Jung Suk and his girlfriend will have their own fairy-tale wedding soon? Or, do you think their relationship is just great the way it is?  

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