They aren't close enough to have a bromance, but Jo Jung Suk definitely has an idol man crush! During yesterday's press conference for Jo's Journalist film, the topic of another one of his upcoming films came up. Brother, which is about a con man moving back in with his younger brother, co-stars D.O. as his younger brother who is a an aspiring Judo athlete. The Oh My Ghostess star talked about how well the actor and idol get along in real life.

“We had drinks a few days ago. [D.O] is so cute and has good manners. I got the feeling that he grew up well, " Jo told members of the press. "I’m saying this because we have an age gap, but he is a polite and good kid. So even though we haven’t met many times, I already have affection for him.”

The movie Journalist, which is all about a false murder that mysteriously becomes true, co-stars veteran Lee Mi Sook and Lee Ha Na, and it opens in theaters on October 22. Brother recently cast Park Shin Hye as a sister-like figure to D.O. who can't get along with Jo's character. Filming started this month, and it's scheduled to be released sometime next year.

Fangirls around the world have been crushing on the EXO Next Door star.since his band debuted in 2011. Now, Jo Jung Suk has joined the idol bandwagon without even realizing it! It's impossible not to start liking the youngest generation of lovable idols. 

What do you think about his cute man crush on D.O.?

Watch Jo Jung Suk in Oh My Ghostess:

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