Jealousy Incarnate is a drama we are loving for three main reasons. 

Number 1) Gong Hyo Jin is just such a treat to watch on-screen.

Number 2) Two hot actors - Jo Jung Suk and Go Kyung Pyo. And lastly....

Number 3) The breast cancer awareness the drama is stirring in audiences. 

And when we found out that Jo Jung Suk didn't fake the breast cancer examination, but actually underwent one, we were stunned and pleased at the same time!

Opening up about his experience, the actor said,  "I actually did that. It hurt so much. It hurt so much that you could consider my expressions to not be acting [but genuine reactions]. Should I say that I had felt it? I think I was able to understand a little bit of those feelings through the filming."

That scene made me cringe in pain, and I bet the actor was feeling worse while shooting it. In case you forgot, here's a clip from the scene. Eeeps, he looks in so much pain!

Woah! It's kind of reassuring to know that he understood the pain of breast cancer victims to a certain degree while portraying a character who is detected to have breast cancer. What do you think? Chat with us in the comments section below!


Jealousy Incarnate

Starring Jo Jung Suk and Gong Hyo Jin

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