leeyikyung Jo Kwon claims that Lee Yi Kyung, rookie actor who appeared in School 2013, is his life savior. He then shared a rather frightening incident that occurred after shooting. During a press conference for God of Business, Jo Kwon said, "There was a small accident that occurred. When we were done filming for God of Business, I had to go to Music Core so I was resting a bit." He then added, "When we shoot outdoors, we use mini heaters. I think when carrying out the luggage from the trunk, one of the staff must have accidentally turned on the heater. I was sleeping in the back seat at the time and I woke up because I got a phone call. And it was when I was going to go back to sleep that I smelled something. It was Lee Yi Kyung who called me and if it weren't for him, I would have been in a big trouble." God of Business, featuring both Lee Yi Kyung and Jo Kwon, will air its first episode on April 1st. What do you think Jo Kwon should do for Lee Yi Kyung, since he saved his life? (Source: www.tvdaily.co.kr)